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The Universal boat cover is designed for those wanting a low-cost option or for those only using their cover on an occasional basis. Our single-layer, breathable universal material protects against dirt, dust, and scuffs. This budget friendly, lightweight cover has a more generous fit and is ideal for basic protection in controlled environments. The Universal boat cover comes with a wide variety of protective features that include:

  • 300D water-resistant polycanvas material
  • All-weather protection in controlled, mild marine environments
  • UV treated for protection from harmful UV rays
  • Stretch and shrink-proof in most weather conditions
  • Interlocking double stitched seams with marine-grade thread
  • Industrial strength sewn-in shock cord for a tight and secure fit
  • Quick and easy install in under 1 minute
  • 1-year limited consumer warranty
  • FREE storage bag and tie-down cords
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Product Reviews

Best Choice For My Budget

Cover is good! Thank you for the fast delivery and the free shipping too. I am on a very tight budget for accessories after splurging on the boat itself and this cover was the perfect choice for me.

Flora T Universal Boat Cover
Verified Customer Review
Just What I Needed For The Boat

I have an older flat bottom boat and really didn't need an expensive cover so this cover is perfect for what I need for my boat. Thank you for providing an affordable cover for light use.

Emigdio Q. Universal Boat Cover
Verified Customer Review
Standard Quality

Cover is just as stated, no surprises here. Basic fit and standard quality. We store in a nice climate controlled environment so light protection and dust coverage was really all I was looking for here.

Thele934 Universal Boat Cover
Verified Customer Review
Lightweight cover

I wanted a light weight, cheap cover for my boat and that is exactly what it is. The fit was alright and the price was unbelievable but when I was installing it on my boat the cover actually ripped. I guess I got what I paid for. I have to say that the customer service was really great and are sending my a replacement cover.

Stanley Universal Boat Cover
Verified Customer Review
Good Cover

I like the cover for my boat. I don't know how much weather it will be able to withstand this season, seems better suited for indoor storage but I'll find out. Can't beat the price.

Daviddive4 Universal Boat Cover
Verified Customer Review
Nice For The Price!

Website was easy to use simple checkout and fast delivery. Cover fits decently and seems to work good. I didn't expect too much out of the universal cover fabric, but it is pretty water resistant, seems to be sun proof, and pretty nice for the price.

Annie Universal Boat Cover
Verified Customer Review
Standard cover

Hi! This cover I ordered fits okay, however the quality of the cover is decent. I will use until I have an issue and then I will upgrade. It seems best for indoor use and blocks scratches and dust but not the best pick for outdoor coverage.

F. Lopez Universal Boat Cover
Verified Customer Review
Basic Cover

In hindsight I should have paid more for a better quality cover; something with a higher denier and perhaps a more secure tighter fit but overall this cover does a good job. Works for now.

Maria L Universal Boat Cover
Verified Customer Review
Short-Term Indoor Coverage

Overall I like the fit and the quality is holding up well so far. No fancy bells and whistles, but I didn't expect much given the low price. I'll update for any outdoor storing but this works for short-term indoor use.

TNcop7 Universal Boat Cover
Verified Customer Review

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The front, or bow end, of the cover is marked by a tag, pattern number, or logo. Begin installing your cover by placing the bow end of the cover on the bow end of your boat, then unroll the cover towards the stern (rear). Once you have done this, ensure you have secured the front of the cover to the bow of the boat, and then work towards the stern by unfolding the cover along the sides. Once the bow and the sides have been unrolled and secured, then secure the stern area of the cover around the boat's stern. Pay attention to any sharp areas on your boat that may come into contact with your cover. If your cover does not have reinforcements sewn into the cover, we recommend using cloth-reinforced duct tape or vinyl tape on the inside of the cover at areas exposed to severe abrasion. This will help extend the life of your cover.

Only covers specified as "trailerable" should be used while traveling over 25 mph. Incorrectly using a cover not specified for travel may void any warranty. When trailering, be sure that the cover is tight and secured with a strapping system, and that there are no loose areas able to flap in the wind. We suggest stopping to double-check your cover after driving a short distance and adjusting the cover as necessary. To help prevent water from pooling on your cover, and to keep it snug and tight when trailering, we recommend using one or more boat cover support poles.

Use the following procedure to remove the cover:

  1. Ensure the cover is dry and free of debris to prevent mold or mildew
  2. Release both ends of the cover from the front and rear of the boat
  3. Fold the cover to the center of the boat from both sides into a strip approximately 2 feet wide
  4. Roll the cover from front to rear, or vice versa

Cleaning & Care

The performance of your cover can be affected by contaminant (dirt, dust, etc.) build-up. Washing your cover correctly will help it maintain its water resistant properties and also increase the service life of your cover. Use the following procedure to clean your boat cover:

  1. Use a soft bristle brush to wipe away any loose dirt and spray with a water hose
  2. Mix one ounce (1oz) of Simple Green cleaner per quart of warm water
  3. Spray or sponge the mixture onto the cover
  4. Allow the cleaning mixture to soak into the fabric for up to 15 minutes
  5. Rinse thoroughly with plain water until there are no suds on the cover
  6. Air dry the cover, DO NOT place the cover in a dryer

Warranty & Returns

Our return & exchange policies are designed to give customers peace-of-mind on their cover purchase. The policies are in place to guarantee your satisfaction for the return and exchange period – if you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact our customer care center and we will address your concerns and work to correct them. Due to the wide variety of products and materials offered at Cover Anything, the policies may be different for each product. Please be sure to read and understand the return and/or exchange policies for the product you purchase.

Cover Anything guarantees that the universal boat cover you order will arrive in new condition, be free of defects, and cover the boat for which it was ordered. If your item does not meet these criteria, you must contact us within 30 days of receipt of the product to initiate a return or exchange. After 30 days, we are unable to process returns or exchanges and a warranty claim would need to be initiated for any damage or defects. Any and all issues related to the way the cover fits must be addressed within the initial 30-day period and cannot be remedied through a warranty claim.

Universal boat covers are protected by a 1 Year Limited Consumer Warranty. Cover Anything warrants, to the original purchaser, that the universal boat cover is to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the prorated periods listed in the warranty details. Any universal boat cover deemed defective will be replaced on a prorated schedule based on the invoiced price of the product, not to include shipping, handling, or any other fees. Retailer receipt or proof of purchase must be presented for any warranty transaction. Please keep your receipt and any tags removed from your product. The warranty is effective from the date of the initial retail purchase. Please review and understand all additional return, exchange, and/or warranty terms and conditions.