Fishing Boat Covers (Up to 15.5' Long and 72" Wide)

Fishing Boat Covers (Up to 15.5' Long and 72" Wide)

Superior Fabrics. Expert Craftsmanship. Unmatched Quality.


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Our exclusive line of ShoreFit™ covers is manufactured using only ultra-premium fabrics and the highest quality components. ShoreFit™ covers offer a combination of incredible value, close-to-custom fit, and differing levels of protection to safeguard your boat from a wide variety of marine environments. With more patterns than anyone else, our ShoreFit™ covers are guaranteed to fit and last for years.


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Westland's line of Sharkskin™ covers have been manufactured for over 30 years using only the highest quality fabrics that support a superior design. Sharkskin™ covers are meticulously crafted with your choice of three all-weather materials of differing weights. Each cover comes with two vents sewn into the fabric to deter mildew and with reinforcements sewn in at major wear points for unmatched durability.


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Westland's highly recognizable line of Sunbrella® covers are constructed to withstand even the harshest marine environments. This remarkable fabric is woven for breathability and does not trap heat and moisture, virtually eliminating mildew. Its rich color is an integral part of the fiber, making it resistant to fading by the sun. Celebrating 50 years since its debut, Sunbrella® fabric remains at the top.