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The Dustop™ cover is our most economical indoor custom cover to keep your vehicle shiny and clean when stored. The Dustop™ fabric is a four layer non-woven fabric consisting of two strong composite layers, then a melt-blown dust barrier, followed by a soft, paint-protecting inner liner. The construction of this cover makes it almost impossible for dust to penetrate, providing unmatched protection. The cover also offers these features:

  • Custom made to fit your vehicle's exact specifications
  • Two layers composite spunbond material + Melt-blown polypropylene dust barrier + Paint protecting inner layer
  • Breathability of the cover helps prevent rot and mildew
  • Double overlapped, double-needle stitched seams
  • Urethane elastic sewn into front and rear hems
  • Reinforced non-scratch grommets to secure cover
  • Indoor protection from dust and dirt
  • Installs easily in under 1 minute
  • Made in the USA
Cover your SUV today... with a Dustop™ SUV Cover!
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Product Reviews

Best cover

I highly recommend this cover, especially if you are a car collector. I have several vehicles that I have either restored or collected and this is cover is a must for me. I bought this one for a classic FJ40 and I am equally impressed with the fit and performance. Best quality and fit for the $$

Wrion63 Dustop™ SUV Cover
Verified Customer Review
Great product

I am definitely a lover the Dustop cover! The custom fit flatters my Blazer and keeps it well protected. Perfect cover for me while I am in between projects. I will spread the good news of this website for a great price on quality covers.

Bressibity33 Dustop™ SUV Cover
Verified Customer Review
Great website

This was really easy to install on my SUV utilizing the enclosed instructions, a super cover all around.I found myself continuing to shop on your site even after finding the cover that worked for my X5.

Margaret Dustop™ SUV Cover
Verified Customer Review
Heck Yeah!

After seeing how well this cover has worked the last few weeks on my old bronco, I am now sure this is a superior indoor cover - I love design, and the durability is amazing with attention to detail down to the stitching.

Letre1929 Dustop™ SUV Cover
Verified Customer Review
Well crafted

The craftsmanship and design of this cover is really good. You can be fooled by the soft layers but the seams are tough and durable. It has kept the dust and scratches away as well. Best indoor cover and the price is dead on, well worth the money.

Diesel76quad Dustop™ SUV Cover
Verified Customer Review
Dustop cover

Just received this cover today and haven't had time to really test it out much but it seems to be a good cover. After installing this cover, I really like the soft but tough feel and ease of installation.

Aaron Dustop™ SUV Cover
Verified Customer Review
Fits just fine

Well made and crafted, you really did good by this cover - I can not compain about the custom fit for my vehicle and it meets my cars needs for a cover to a "T".

Farn1990 Dustop™ SUV Cover
Verified Customer Review
Great cover

I've bought a couple of these covers in the past for different cars. I always love the perfect fit and the marerial is so smooth and soft. This one I purchased for my Tahoe and I am equally impressed

Pedro Dustop™ SUV Cover
Verified Customer Review

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While orders to Canada are eligible for FREE UPS Ground Shipping, Canadian customers are responsible for paying all duties, taxes, and brokerage fees imposed by the Canadian government upon receipt of shipment. These fees are not determined until the shipment crosses the border, therefore these charges are the responsibility of the recipient. Any returned shipments for failure to pay these duties, taxes, or brokerage fees will result in a 20% restocking fee minus any applicable return shipping costs. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery. Outside of Canadian orders, we are unable to ship internationally.


The front of the cover is marked by a tag, pattern number, or logo. If your cover is equipped with mirror pockets (custom-fit covers only), place the pockets over the side mirrors first. Secure the front of the cover around the vehicle's front bumper, then unroll the cover over the vehicle and secure the opposite end of the cover around the back bumper. Some vehicles have very sharp bumpers, hood ornaments or moldings. To help extend the life of your cover, we recommend reinforcing the inside of the cover at areas exposed to severe abrasion, using cloth-reinforced duct tape or vinyl tape.

Use the following procedure to remove the cover in about a minute:

  1. Ensure the cover is dry and free of debris to prevent mold or mildew
  2. Release both ends of the cover from under the bumpers
  3. Fold up both sides onto the top of the vehicle into a long strip approximately 2 feet wide
  4. Roll the cover from front to rear in 3 foot increments, or vice versa

Use care when installing the cover on a vehicle which has just been driven to be sure the material does not come in contact with hot exhaust pipes. Also, airborne pollutants may be deposited on the windows or paint while a vehicle is being driven or when parked uncovered. These deposits may become smeared and create a haze when the cover is used. The haze can be wiped off with a damp cloth or washed off with water.

If your cover does not come with an antenna pocket sewn into the cover and your vehicle has an outside radio antenna which will not retract flush with the vehicle body, you will have to create an opening in the cover. We have included a non-corrosive plastic grommet set to reinforce the antenna opening. To make the most accurate antenna grommet opening, remove the antenna first and install the cover on the vehicle, making sure it is properly aligned and positioned. Using a sharp pencil, punch a hole through the fabric at the antenna location. Use sharp scissors to make the hole opening 3/4 inch in diameter. Place the cover on a clean hard surface, position the inside grommet through the opening you made and then snap the outside grommet in place using a rubber mallet. Do NOT use excessive force or the grommet can be damaged. Do NOT install the grommet with the cover on the vehicle.

Semi-custom and universal covers include an adhesive backed antenna patch that can be used instead of installing a grommet. After using a sharp pencil to punch a small hole through the fabric at the antenna location, simply place the adhesive backed patch over the newly created hole for additional reinforcement, and that's all there is to it.

Cleaning & Care

The performance of your cover can be affected by contaminant (dirt, dust, grease, etc.) build-up. Washing your cover correctly will help it maintain its water resistant properties and also increase the service life of your cover. Use the following procedure to clean the Dustop™ fabric:

  1. Place the cover in a large commercial front load washing machine
  2. Use Simple Green cleaner (dilute 1/4 cup in 1 cup of water), NEVER use bleach or fabric softener
  3. Wash the cover using a gentle cycle with water temperature set to cold
  4. Rinse the cover twice (2x) with water only to remove all the cleaner
  5. Air dry the cover

You may also clean your cover on a vehicle using the following procedure:

  1. Install your cover inside-out on the vehicle
  2. Mix one ounce (1oz) of Simple Green cleaner per quart of warm water
  3. Spray or sponge the mixture onto the cover
  4. Rinse thoroughly with plain water until there are no suds on the cover
  5. Air dry the cover

Warranty & Returns

Our return & exchange policies are designed to give customers peace-of-mind on their cover purchase. The policies are in place to guarantee your satisfaction for the return and exchange period – if you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact our customer care center and we will address your concerns and work to correct them. Due to the wide variety of products and materials offered at Cover Anything, the policies may be different for each product. Please be sure to read and understand the return and/or exchange policies for the product you purchase.

Cover Anything guarantees that your Covercraft Dustop™ cover will arrive in new condition, be free of defects, and cover the vehicle for which it was ordered. However, due to the custom nature of the product, returns and exchanges are not possible. In the unlikely event of (1) a custom cover arriving damaged or defective, a warranty claim should be filed via the manufacturer's guidelines, or (2) size or fit issues, you will be directed to the manufacturer for resolution.

Dustop™ auto covers are protected by a 4 Year Limited Consumer Warranty. Cover Anything warrants, to the original purchaser, that the Dustop™ product is to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the prorated periods listed in the warranty details. Any Dustop™ cover deemed defective will be replaced on a prorated schedule based on the invoiced price of the product, not to include any shipping, handling, or any other fees. Retailer receipt or proof of purchase must be presented for any warranty transaction. Please keep your receipt and any tags removed from your product. The warranty is effective from the date of the initial retail purchase. Please review and understand all additional return, exchange, and/or warranty terms and conditions.