Crew Cab Extra Short Bed Truck Covers (Up to 235 in)

Crew Cab Ex-Short Bed Truck Covers (Up to 235 in)

Superior Fabrics. Expert Craftsmanship. Unmatched Quality.


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Our exclusive line of WeatherFit™ covers is manufactured using only ultra-premium fabrics and the highest quality components. WeatherFit™ covers offer a combination of incredible value, exceptional fit, and differing levels of protection to safeguard your vehicle from a wide variety of environments. With more patterns than anyone else, our WeatherFit™ covers are guaranteed to fit and last for years.


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Universal covers are economically designed to provide basic protection for your vehicle with a generous fit that is similar to covers found at most big-box retailers. A budget-friendly universal cover will offer limited protection from extreme weather conditions, but is effective at protecting your vehicle from dirt, dust, and scratches while being stored indoors.